What is the Baseline and Reduction Opportunity Assessment Program (BROA)?

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The Baseline and Reduction Opportunity Assessment Program (also known as “BROA) is a $10-Million program funded by the Government of Alberta through the TIER fund, to support Alberta’s efforts to meet methane reduction target by 2025. This program is being managed by Carbon Connect International.

The program’s objectives are to collect data that will aid in the reduction of methane emissions from upstream oil and gas operations in Alberta, as well as to raise awareness about energy use and the economic and environmental consequences of methane emissions.

BROA eligibility has been extended such that there is no longer a production limit. This means that companies with production greater than 60,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOE/d) in Alberta, as well as midstream companies with no reported production will now be eligible to participate in BROA. All other eligibility criteria remain the same.”

The Program will enable Alberta’s upstream oil & gas operators to:

Obtain a detailed inventory of methane emitting equipment on site

  • Identify and quantify methane emission sources, vents, and leaks
  • Report on projects needed to comply with the provincial methane emissions requirements and opportunities that go beyond provincial reduction requirements

How Does the Program Work?

Please visit https://www.carbonconnectinternational.com/broa to obtain detailed information on program. The BROA program provides funding for execution of such services as:

  • Device and equipment inventory (Field Data Collection)
  • Leak Detection (LDAR Surveys)
  • Extended flow and gas composition analysis (Product Sampling and/or Compressor Seal Vent Testing)


Eligible applicants include upstream operators / facilities within Alberta’s conventional oil and gas sector (meaning a facility extracting, processing, disposing, transporting or storing or gas, oil or primary bitumen.

A service provider or an operator can submit an application if their qualifications are verified to ensure they are eligible to complete the work required.

What are the Incentives?

Pre-approved incentive of up to 80% of the service quote for all eligible project expenses will be covered.

Incentives will be paid directly to the service provider at two milestones:

  1. The first payment will be for 50% of the pre-approved incentive amount upon the submission and approval of all data collected
  2. The remainder of the incentive amount will be paid upon the project completion submission and will be adjusted to the final invoice amount.

What is the Deadline for Funding?

Program funding will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. Applications must be approved by June 30, 2022.


Finding the Right Service Provider

Intricate has extensive experience with the current BROA program along with previous experience with the previous historical programs that were run by the NDP government and through the EEA (Energy Efficient Alberta).

Intricate has been collecting asset inventory for clients since 2011 for various clients and has extensive experience in this field across Western Canada.

 Intricate  offers additional efficiencies that can be discovered by working closely with our clients. Such efficiencies can be found through the following mechanisms:


  • Coordinating MSAPR testing at the same time as these surveys, putting the field technicians on site through these proposed costs (80% of them being funded this year) and clients would only incur the costs of testing on site. Intricate’s technicians are trained to complete all four service types between these proposals.
  • By including other routine field services to reduce site visits to the field at later dates. (Intricate is an end to end service provider with a multitude of field service offerings as part of our Integrated Services model)

Talk to an Expert

Find the right provider for operational and advisory support on Alberta’s Baseline and Reduction Opportunity Assessment Program managed by Carbon Connect International.

Intricate is committed to reducing emissions, and is an approved vendor in the Carbon Connect International portal as well as a partner of MELA (Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance), PTAC (Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada and CRIN (Clean Resource Innovation Network).

These partnerships highlight Intricate’s dedication to supporting efforts to help reduce emissions through innovation and accessible energy service solutions. Intricate is committed to providing efficient energy solutions with a special focus on maintaining only the highest standards of customer service in the industry.

If you would like to discuss whether there is a baseline and reduction opportunity for you, please reach out to our team at 587-713-4453 or email blairhamer@intricategroup.com

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