Methane Management

  • Methane from various sources at a site are required to be reported for various regulatory requirements. When a producer has hundreds or even thousands of these sites the reporting and on-going inventory management of these sources can be very challenging.
    • DVG sources  (Tank venting, casing gas venting)
    • Pneumatic devices
    • Compressor Seals
    • Glycol Dehydrators
    • Non-Routine Events
    • Fugitive Emissions
    • Combustion Heaters, Engines & Boilers
    In order to accurately calculate these volumes, detailed inventories of the equipment of these emissions are required. In addition not all these sources are reporting to the same government systems. These volumes are used not only for volumetric volumes but are used to determine further air emission reporting such as but not limited to: GHGRP, NPRI, EPEA, TIER, OBPS, etc.
    When focused on the AER requirements these sources have different reporting requirements for Petrinex or OneStop as detailed in Manual 015 in table 8:
    Include in
    Include the volume
    and mass 
    Equipment inventory or
    survey results
    Where to find the
    DVG X X   D060 s8.4
    X X   D060 s8.6.1
    X X X D060 s8.6.2
    X X X D060 s8.6.3
    D039 appendix 2
    Nonroutine X     D060 s10
      X X D060 s8.10
    All of these requirements and managing large sets of detailed inventories can be overwhelming for anyone. In the early 2000’s like other data management, spreadsheets were an effective tool. Today with the various reporting that is reliant on a robust and evergreen inventory of emission sources requiring various calculations and logic, software is becoming the go to solution.
    Intricate’s suite of products allows users of the system to store and maintain the emission sources in the FFVS and Fugitive modules. The inherent integration between modules allows the managers of these requirements at producers to focus on processes and systems that ensure the inventories are managed on a on-going basis and let the calculations and integration between systems do the detailed work that ultimately drive final reporting to government systems.

Stay tuned for our future Methane Monday’s for information on how to manage these instruments going forward and mitigation solutions. In the meantime feel free to check out our services relating to emissions here: 

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