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Our purpose is to create long-term value for our employees and customers through innovative services and products that cement us as a generational, impactful, and diverse company
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Founded in 2007, Intricate is a Canadian energy services provider inspired by the navigational precision needed to traverse Newfoundland’s unique Intricate Harbour. Beginning with only three personnel, Intricate has grown into a diverse company offering regulatory consulting, field services, and software to the oil and gas industry.

Headquartered in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Intricate proudly stands as a leading provider of services in the Canadian energy sector. We leverage our detailed understanding of the industry, developed over years of hands-on experience, to deliver services that help clients enhance their operational efficiency, comply with complex regulations, and stay competitive in the market.

Intricate is known for simplifying the often complex regulatory environment for its clients in the oil and gas sector. Their experienced teams provide field services directly at the clients’ sites, ensuring their operations align with environmental regulations while maintaining operational efficiency. Alongside this we offer software solutions that make data management and regulatory reporting more manageable, enabling their clients to focus on their core operations.

However, what sets Intricate apart is not just their expertise and services, but also our commitment to our core values: “We Before Me” “We Work With Heart” and “We Are Good People” These guiding principles have shaped the company’s culture and approach to work.

We Before Me” underlines our dedication to teamwork and collective success, always prioritizing what’s best for the team and clients. “We Work With Heart” reflects Intricate’s passion for our work and unwavering commitment to deliver quality in every task we undertake. “We Are Good People” reinforces the company’s commitment to maintaining a respectful, fulfilling, and safe environment for all – their employees, clients, and the community.

Intricate’s dedication to these core values is further reflected in the certifications they hold, including COR, AVETTA, ISN, and ComplyWorks, showcasing their adherence to quality, safety, and respect in their operations.

Over the years, Intricate has expanded its presence across Canada, starting from Sherwood Park, and growing its network of field offices in Grande Prairie, Manning, Dawson Creek, and Drayton Valley. As they continue to grow, they remain committed to their vision of creating long-term value for their employees and customers, providing top-notch customer service, and making a positive impact on the industry. With our heart set on continuous improvement and innovation, Intricate promises to remain your reliable partner.

bundled energy services
meter proving services

Regulatory Consulting

Intricate provides comprehensive measurement and regulatory consulting services that help organizations maintain compliancy and uncover savings through improved accuracy and efficiency.

Field Services

Ensure precision and compliance in every step of your operations with Intricate’s field services. We bring the expertise right to your doorstep, providing on-site solutions that align with environmental regulations without compromising efficiency. Turn field compliance from a challenge into an opportunity with our experienced team.


We provide customizable software modules and accompanying support and training services to help businesses streamline their processes and increase efficiency.

MSAPR Reporting Software

MSAPR Engine Testing

MultiSector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR) testing of engines used for compression, electric power generation and pumping in many industrial facilities.

Compressor Seal Vent Testing

Compressor Seal Vent Testing

Intricate’s team of experts have been working with Directive 060 regulations for more than 15 years and have a sound understanding of the regulations. 

fugitive emissions survey

Fugitive Emissions (LDAR)

Helping you meet environmental compliance in fugitive emission detection and reduction programs including  surveys, leak detection & repair and consultation.

Fuel Flare Vent Data Collection

Intricate offers advisory and support services that align with reporting operators for submission and declaration to assist with  evolving regulatory requirements.

emissions consulting

Emissions Consulting Services

Our industry experts can assist with  environmental directives and government funded programs. We offer advisory & support for adhering to compliance standards.

software and integration

Software & Configuration

Streamline and centralize data flow to achieve substantial financial savings and operational success. We work with current systems while planning for future integrations.

measurement consulting services

Measurement Consulting Services

Our measurement & regulatory services are designed to ensure compliance with provincial regulations. Complete regulatory gap analysis  & EPAP audit services.

bundled energy services

Bundled Energy Services

We provide solutions that save you money by bundling services into a single site visit for essential field maintenance services that’s tailored to your company’s needs.

COR Certification

ISN Certification

Avetta Member

Complyworks Certification

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

At Intricate, we aim to be a good neighbour where we work and live by contributing to the well-being of local communities. Intricate provides support in a variety of forms including funding to not-for-profit and local community organizations, donations to charitable organizations, and grants to employees, retirees and retailer/agents giving back to their communities.

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Join Our Team

If you are interested in a career that values your hard work, creativity, and energy, then Intricate is for you. We are an energetic group of people so you’ll always be able to work alongside other individuals who are as unique, enthusiastic, and driven as you are.

Core Values

We collaborate as a team, respecting and valuing everyone's ideas, to achieve success with a can-do attitude.

We demonstrate kindness, care, respect, and compassion towards others.

We strive to work smartly, passionately, and collaboratively to create a positive and productive work environment.

Our Story

About Intricate 

Intricate is proud to be a complete energy services company in key areas of the oil and gas industry. We have grown into a diverse company with a flourishing portfolio of service offerings and a growing reputation for effective solutions and exceptional results. Our company is ISO certified and strategically designed to provide sustained value and end-to-end solutions for the oil and gas industry throughout North America.


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ALBERTA Calgary, Drayton Valley, Grande Prairie, Manning, Sherwood Park

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a leading energy services provider of regulatory consulting and reporting, field services and software to the oil & gas industry. Did you know that by bundling services you can get significant savings?

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