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Intricate’s carbon offset management services provide a comprehensive, turnkey solution for achieving emission reductions and generating offset credits. From initial project assessment to the sale of offset credits, our expert team ensures that clients navigate the complexities of the carbon market effectively and efficiently. Partner with us to transform your emission reduction goals into actionable projects that deliver both environmental and financial returns.

Carbon Offset Project Development

Intricate offers fully customizable project development services for the development and serialization of carbon offset projects, focused in the Alberta regulated market. We provide a range of options with a full turnkey approach and project financing options that are tailored to the needs of our clients. With a focus on aggregated project development, Intricate makes it simple and cost-effective for producers of any size to achieve their emission reduction efforts and monetize into offset credits.

Carbon Trading

Intricate offers purchasing and sales of offset credits to our clients, strategically focusing on providing value to our clients based on strategically leveraging the offset market to reduce compliance costs or being proactive for future compliance.

General Offset Advisory and Consulting

Intricate provides general consulting to our clients on navigating the fast changing carbon offset market. We provide market insights, market trends, and recommendations on the best technology options to achieve emission reduction goals and strategies of our clients and how to strategically tie these efforts into TIER compliance obligations.

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