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Intricate’s carbon offset field services are designed to help clients navigate the complexities of modern environmental regulations while achieving significant reductions in carbon emissions. Our comprehensive suite of services, from device electrification to advanced vent gas technologies, underscores our commitment to sustainability and innovation. Partner with us to transform regulatory challenges into opportunities for growth and profitability, while making a positive impact on the environment.

Device Electrification Installations

Intricate implements technology agnostic device electrification projects using grid, solar, or other renewable energy technologies best suited for the application. This includes electric pumps and/or electrification of pneumatic controllers.

Instrument Air Installations

Intricate can scope, design, engineer, and implement skid or custom instrument air installations that meet carbon offset protocol requirements.

Pneumatic Controller Upgrades

As of January 1st, 2023, pneumatic controllers in place before January 1st, 2022 are required to be "low bleed". If your assets are out of compliance and require retrofit, Intricate can provide best fit technology and/or upgrades to meet compliance and in some cases exceed with the opportunity to generate revenue through offset credits.

Vent Gas Capture Installations

Intricate's proprietary VG capture technology was developed in partnership with our trusted clients. This is cost-effective with a fast return on investment technology and eliminates venting from pneumatic pumps and controllers.

Vent Gas Reduction Installations

Intricate can scope, design, engineer, implement, and data collect solution gas technologies, e.g., incinerators, combustors, VRUs, Bitcoin mining.

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