Carbon Credit Monetization Program

Carbon credits are generated through voluntary adoption of technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Find out 3 ways to monetize Alberta’s Carbon Credit Program
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Get a clear understanding of how to Monetize Carbon Credits. Learn how this immediate opportunity benefits your operations by watching this short video presented by Intricate’s CFO Nicholas Kennett.


Generate Carbon Credits

Carbon credits will be generated until the technology becomes a regulatory requirement on December 31, 2022. Carbon credits require third-party verification and are serialized. They can be traded in Alberta as well as in other jurisdictions.

3 Ways to Monetize Alberta’s Carbon Credit Program:

  • Intricate as the Service Provider
    (0% Investment from Intricate)
  • Intricate as the Investor
    (100% Investment from Intricate)
  • Shared Investment
    (50/50 Investment)

Monetizing Carbon Credits

In all 3 cases described above, there are multiple options for monetizing carbon credits.

  • Offtake agreements
  • Spot rate sale
  • Internal use of carbon credits to offset carbon tax


Identify & Replace High Bleed Instruments & Devices

Intricate will work with you to identify and replace all high bleed instruments & devices with low bleed devices. This generates positive cash flow for the customer if installed in the next six months (varies by specific project details).

Alberta Carbon Credits

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