Measuring the precision of a meter is dependent on the accuracy of the tools, and a high level of competence of a technician. Intricate has an entire division dedicated to meter proving, and we’ve asked one of our Field Technicians, Curtis Visser for a deeper look into a typical day in the life of our onsite meter proving services. Take a look!

Typical Day in the Field



At Intricate, a job begins once a scoping e-mail turns up in our inbox.  We’ll discuss the scope of work; location, client requests, and any related tools required for the job.  Since every meter has its own requirements, we ask the question “is it something we’re familiar with?”  An inventory record can show us whether we have the parts, tools, and connection software we need to complete the job. “Is it a new meter to us?” If yes, then we’ll determine how we can connect to it, and which team memeber may have the most relevant experience to support us.


After the inventory phase we’re reaching out to the client ahead of time to determine meeting requirements for permitting and/or orientation.  Weather, road conditions, site conditions, access and relevant radio frequencies for call channels on oilfield roads are important to track –  the more we know before we arrive, the better we can handle a one-off job for a new customer or a 2 month project in a field we’ve been working in for years.

Pre-Job Assessment

After a pre-trip, we’re off to meet the client. Due to the current climate, we’re confirming a mutually safe place to permit and provide a pre-job hazard assessment.  The client receives a copy and we get to work spotting our trailer and connecting our prover to the client’s meter.

Onsite Meter Proving

With good scoping and good communication from our operations contacts, we’re able to connect to the appropriate client fittings. Fittings and hoses are pressure tested before customer liquids are introduced to our prover. Time and liquid volume permitting, we’ll use our “as found” to ensure everything’s running smoothly, and then we’re communicating with the customer meter, and seeing the right kinds of numbers populate on our prover’s HMI screen.

Throughout the prove we’re watching that screen to check for any anomalies in flowing conditions, and can see if the meter is flowing within its nominal flow range, if k-factors are within spec, or if a density spike occurs and we can tell the customer they may require some tuning on a condensate/water interface on a 3 phase separator. All this information is saved in comments on our proving reports using our field tablet, and recorded in Intricate Solutions Software, as well as relayed back to the client in a timely fashion. Does a wafer meter need to be replaced? We can do that on site, and have the newly repaired meter proved as soon as it’s back in.

A Job Complete

Once proving is complete, our notes are made, and the prover is purged out with nitrogen to ensure a clean disconnection. Whether it’s a sweet or sour oilfield site, we’re able to ensure we can disconnect safely and with confidence that we’re adhering to the highest standard of HSE compliance we can provide.

After the prover is wrapped up, we complete a final walkaround and ensure all documentation is in the right place, prove cards on the meter, that the factor has been entered into the correct location, be that a Nuflo transmitter or Emerson ROC 800. That information is then all compiled in our unique software suite on Intricate Solutions, where our technical services team, and our customers can review that information. 

Thanks to Curtis for his time in putting together some insight into what a day in the life of a field technician performing meter proving services in oil and gas. Our Intricate’s technicians are best in class. By leveraging more than 12 years of technology and field experience, we’ll continue to bring you the very best in service, quality, and savings.

We’ve got you covered!

From wellhead to reporting, count on Intricate for end to end energy field services.  For more information on our meter proving services, please email or call us 587-713-4593


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