Performance and safety are both dependent on the accuracy of your tools, and without knowing how accurate they are, you put your teams and your budgets at risk.  Why do we prove meters?  To provide accurate measurement to minimize losses and maximize profits.

We’ve got a solution that WILL mitigate that risk. 

Meters and Instruments give you certainty

Measuring the precision of your meters requires calibrated tools and expertise. Intricate has an entire division dedicated to meter proving systems, working with an immense array of technologies.

HMI panel

Intricate can help your organization find certainty in your electrical and instrumentation, giving you greater confidence that you are operating at peak efficiency. You can also ask about our E & I department, another valuable resource that we lean on when we provide proving services to you.

Why you need Mobile Meter Proving Capabilities

Meters are everywhere. On wells, batteries, gas plants, pump stations and operations spread everywhere.  What you need is mobile capability. Intricates mobile inline and bench provers come to you!

Take a look inside our brand new custom built inline prover!

Meter Proving Services by Intricate

Our state-of-the-art provers are designed with safety, accuracy, and efficiency in mind to ensure a complete, safe, quality meter prove with excellent customer service. Give us a try, call us at 1-844-607-1416 and we will put you in touch with the right team leader straight away or email

We don’t mean to mean to pump our tires, but we really are state of the art

Our fleet of provers have the lowest uncertainty rating available and are operated by an experienced team.  Ready to move fast and give you the performance certainty you need.

Inline prover

We are safe, reliable, effective and a leader in the field.

Some of the GREAT Meter Proving, Calibration & Verification Services That we provide:

  • Live oil proving
  • Water injection meter proving
  • Condensate meter proving
  • Orifice gas meter calibration
  • Rotary gas meter verification
  • Turbine gas meter verification

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Intricate is…

a leading energy services provider of regulatory consulting and reporting, field services and software to the oil & gas industry. Did you know that by bundling services you can get significant savings?

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