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Harnessing the Power of SCADA

In the dynamic world of the Canadian oil and gas industry, having the right tools to navigate operational challenges is crucial. In the heart of this toolkit, SCADA—Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition—serves as a beacon of technological prowess. SCADA systems, the perfect blend of advanced software and robust hardware, offer a transformative solution, enabling remote control and monitoring of processes, real-time data collection, and seamless interaction with field equipment. Intricate Solutions proudly presents its cutting-edge SCADA system, uniquely crafted to cater to the needs of the oil and gas industry. When combined with our other key modules, our SCADA system doesn’t just capture data—it amplifies its value, providing a comprehensive and insightful picture of your operations.

Unleashing Operational Efficiency

Our SCADA system provides a comprehensive view of your field operations like never before. It allows field operators to visualize data in various graphical interfaces and remotely takes control of field equipment. This remote access feature not only economizes time and resources but also prioritizes the safety of your workforce—an essential consideration in the oil and gas industry.

Powering Decision-Making

Data is at the heart of informed decision-making. Our SCADA system empowers production accountants and engineers by providing them with the data they need. From daily production volumes to long-term trending for well optimizations, our SCADA system is a dependable ally, providing the intelligence required for smarter decisions and improved production.


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Expanding Access, Ensuring Compliance

Intricate’s SCADA system is a powerful conduit, allowing third parties to complete tasks like chemical monitoring, tank truck out scheduling, and preventative maintenance scheduling. At the same time, it ensures easy access to EPAP volumetric production records and EFM audit logs, helping you meet Directive 017 and EPAP compliance, crucial for Canadian oil and gas operations.

Interacting with a Variety of Equipment

Intricate’s SCADA system can effortlessly connect with a variety of equipment such as DCS, EFM, HMI, IoT, PLC, RTU, and VFD. These field connectable devices relay data from sensors, transmitters, pumps, switches, and valves, ensuring a seamless flow of information across your operations.


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Unlocking the Future with AI and ML

The data captured by our SCADA system is warehoused for long-term use and has potential uses in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This future-ready approach allows for further modeling of wells and optimization of production, setting the stage for the next big leap in the industry.

Simple Design, High Impact

Our SCADA system is a testament to the power of simplicity. The low cost of entry, simple design, and streamlined workflow make it a breeze to integrate into existing business systems. Yet, the impact it brings is immense—reducing operational costs, increasing production, reducing downtime, supporting remote equipment, and shortening response times.


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The Modern SCADA Advantage

Modern SCADA systems, such as Intricate Solutions’, provide access to real-time field data from anywhere in the world. This unprecedented access empowers you to make informed decisions quickly and with confidence. Additionally, our systems incorporate current IT standards and practices to promote efficiency, security, productivity, and reliability. Embrace the modern SCADA advantage with Intricate Solutions. Leverage long-term data for production optimization, receive instant notifications on issues or equipment failure, reduce operation costs, and gain total visibility into field equipment and production. Intricate Solutions’ SCADA system is more than just a tool—it’s your strategic partner, helping you navigate the challenges of the Canadian oil and gas industry with ease and expertise. It’s time to harness the power of SCADA for your operations.

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