Compressor Seal Vent Compliance Testing Services

Accurately measure flow rates down to 0.014m3/day measured with accuracies less than +/-2%
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Compressor Seal Testing Services

AER Compressor Testing

Align with Directive 60 in Confidence

Ensure compliance with the limits and emissions reduction requirements.

MSAPR Services

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Volume discounts and long-term contract rates are available.

SCADA Software

Reporting, Scheduling & Record Keeping

A central hub for all results in an easy to use software module. View past reports, schedule upcoming tests. 10 Years record keeping.

Methane Emissions Reduction

The Government of Canada (GOC) has committed to reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 40 to 45 percent below 2012 levels, by 2025.

As a part of the Alberta Energy Regulators (AER) regulatory requirements for Methane Reduction requirements as detailed in Directive 060 effective January 2020, part of which included the compressors vent seal testing be completed on equipment with a rated brake power of 75 kw or more, and that operate more than 450 hours per calendar year.

The AER requires testing of any compressor seal that emits vent gas at least every 9000 hours that the equipment is pressurized. Similarly the Government of Saskatchewan Energy and Resource Ministry has developed a Methane Action Plan, which includes the quantification, measurement and  reporting of vent rates for reciprocating and centrifugal compressors seal vents.

The GOC has finalized equivalency agreements with the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. These agreements will allow the provincial methane regulations to replace the federal regulations for up to five years. The equivalency agreements allow provincial regulator’s to design methane reduction regulations that fit their respective jurisdictions while meeting the equivalent federal methane reduction outcomes.

Compressor Seal Vent Testing

Compressor Vent Testing

Intricate provides compressor vent seal testing services of any compressor seal that emits vent gas at least every 9000 hours that the equipment is pressurized.


  • Annual measurements
  • Recommend corrective actions
  • 100% digital reporting & record keeping

Align with Directive 60 in Confidence

Intricate and it’s team of experts have been working with D60 regulations for more than 15 years and have a sound understanding of the regulations. Our equipment is designed to accurately measure flow rates down to 0.014m3/day measured with accuracies less than +/-2% depending on the length of the test.

Directive 60 alignment
Compressor Seal Testing Reporting

Reporting, Scheduling & Record Keeping


  • Confidently report to the AER for compressor seal vent gas.
  • Maintain consistent sampling and testing protocols.
  • Receive accurate field notes and reports.
  • Store digital records for up to 10 years

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