Environmental Site Assessment Services

Working with producers to meet regulatory requirements for Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessments
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Environmental Site Assessments

Intricate’s Environmental Division works with producers to meet regulatory requirements for Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessment and the services required to complete them. Intricate provides full records reviews in accordance with Phase 1 ESA and the sampling and lab capabilities for Phase 2 ESA.

Environmental Site Assessment – Ensure your abandoned well sites and facilities are ready for reclamation.

Some of our services include:

  • Full records review
  • Gathering information about history and current infrastructure of the site
  • Conduct landowner and operator interviews
  • Review of production information, activities, events
  • Review of environmental information, soil contaminants, oil spills
  • Report on potential contaminants of the site
  • Surface and Sub-surface soil sampling services
  • Groundwater analysis services
  • Surface water sampling services
  • Soil vapour sampling
  • Full laboratory analysis services
  • 25 year data retention
  • Remediation planning

Our Environmental Services apply to:

  • Decommissioned Gas Plants
  • Abandoned wells
  • Coal Mines
  • Oil sands mines
  • Cultivated land
  • Forested land
  • Native grasslands
  • Peatland
  • Abandoned Pipelines


Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments 

We will conduct a full records review through use of production information, environmental information, site photos, and operator interviews to determine the state of the site and make recommendations that will move the site towards reclamation.

If it’s determined that a Phase II ESA is required, we will begin planning for the necessary scope of work.

Field Sampling & Analysis for Potential Contaminants

Our field sampling crews are stationed throughout the province and can dispatch locally in most cases to obtain samples and send to our lab partners for analysis.

Full Data Retention for 25 Years 

Intricate Solutions software is the backbone of all our services. Data is collected through many sources such as our field tablet app and is fully integrated with our lab partners. This software is easily customizable to any job scope, regardless of size

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Work with Intricate to get the process of reclamation moving. We have regulatory and environmental experts ready for Phase 1 ESA’s and Field Staff located throughout the province to handle the Phase 2 ESA work  for the Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program


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