Fugitive Emissions Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR)

Intricate can help you meet environmental compliance in fugitive emission source detection and reduction programs
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environmental services for planning & measuring fugitive emissions 

We specialize in leak detection & repair (LDAR)

Fugitive Emissions Management Programs 

Intricate can develop your Fugitive Emissions Management Program (FEMP)

LDAR – Leak Detection & Repair

Intricate provides fugitive emissions surveys, leak detection & repair services

Optical Gas Imaging

Utilizing ultrasonic cameras to visualize leaks pin pointing leaks, such as Hydrogen Gas.

Fugitive Emissions Services

Intricate has been providing environmental and regulatory services since 2017. Our programs comply with AER Directive 060 to reduce methane emissions.  

We offer the following fugitive emissions services:

  • Develop company specific fugitive emissions management program
  • Fugitive emissions surveys
  • Fugitive emissions quantification and reporting
  • LDAR Leak detection & repair
  • Perform “at time of survey” leak remediation
  • Oil & gas pre-start up leak detection
  • Pre-turnaround fugitive emissions surveys
  • Develop MRRCP – methane reduction retrofit compliance plan
  • Software solutions – leak inventory, remediation tracking, FFVS, EMI


More Information on Pipeline Leak Detection

Pipelines are an environmentally safe and reliable way to transport gas and liquid
commodities. Each pipeline is subjected to variabilities, from its material and composition to the varying products it can carry, which may affect its reliability as time goes by.

To avoid leak incidents due to decay and weathered equipment, the AER has developed compliance regulations all must follow.

Leak detection shouldn’t just be an emergency response, and companies should have the basic knowledge regarding leak detection and repair and understand different types of leaks and how they can be detected through evaluation and assessment.

What is pipeline leak detection?

Pipeline leak detection is a crucial part of risk prevention in oil and gas. It is the process of determining whether pipe systems transporting liquid and gas products are reliable, safe, efficient, and without leaks.

The main purpose of Leak Detection and Repair services is to allow controllers to discover damage, corrosion, or equipment failure.

A fugitive emission leaks refer to vapours or gases from pressurized pipes, which cause local air pollution and environmental harm. An unintentional discharge of gases or vapours from pressure-containing equipment or facilities, and from components inside an industrial plant
such as valves, piping flanges, pumps, storage tanks, compressors, etc.

A hydrocarbon leak, can result in explosions, fire, contamination, and other severely hazardous results if not detected promptly.

Leak detection methods

Several leak detection systems are recommended for different applications, and here are some common examples.

Visual checks

The simplest method in pipeline leak detection is visual checking, which involves inspection for bubbling in wet areas and vegetation distress. It’s inexpensive and requires minimal equipment, although it will be difficult to detect small leaks.

Automated computational methods

Done by software computation, this single-phase method can be applied to all commodity types to detect leaks promptly. The use of automation allows controllers to avoid subjectivity due to human-based practices. However, it is one of the more costly leak detection methods in use today.

Infrared (FLIR)

Forward-looking infrared or FLIR cameras use thermal imaging to detect a leak and identify its location. It allows controllers to observe a particular section of pipelines from elevated areas and is potentially applicable for liquid lines with temperatures less than 104-degree Fahrenheit.

Optical gas imaging utilizes high-sensitivity cameras to pinpoint minute fugitive industrial gas emissions. This technology offers a quick and safe visualization of leaks, enabling fast repair and preventing the leak from worsening over time.

Line balancing

Balancing methods like volume, temperature, flow, pressure, and mass monitoring utilize the concept of conservation of mass. When flow meters detect a drop in the commodity’s mass leaving the pipeline compared to the mass that entered the pipe, it likely indicates a leak.

Canada’s regulations and standards

The Alberta Energy Regulator is the single entity regulating energy development in all of Alberta. The authority provides guidelines for exploring, constructing, operating, decommissioning, reclaiming, and closing every energy-related establishment and infrastructure in the province.

As the authoritative regulating body, AER and the government set out compliance
requirements for pipeline leak detection that every industry member should know.

Fugitive Emissions Survey

Fugitive Emissions Management Programs

Intricate can help develop your Fugitive Emissions Management Program. We’ll provide you a comprehensive plan for detecting and measuring fugitive emissions 

Leak Detection & Repair Services

Visualize fugitive hydrocarbon leaks with thermal imaging through our use of FLIR cameras. The safest way to see methane leaks.  We utilize the FLIR GFx320 camera to pin point the exact source of the emissions and locate even the smallest leaks so that repairs can begin immediately 

Fugitive Emissions Survey

Leak Detection for Hydrogen

Intricate will help detect leaks in real time with our optical gas imaging equipment that produces video and photography pin pointing the leak.  Such equipment as the FLIR GF343 can see even the smallest concentration of CO2, even diluted with hydrogen.

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