Meter Proving & Calibration Services

Our meter provers are 100% mobile and our best in class field technicians come to you. By leveraging more than 12 years of technology and field experience, we bring you the very best in service, quality, and savings. We've got you covered!
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Here at Intricate, we’ve designed and built our own bench and inline meter provers.

Our Meter Proving Fleet Includes:

Mobile Bench Provers

Prove any configuration with our Mobile Meter Provers

Mobile Master Meter Provers

Our provers are designed to maximize accuracy and efficiency

Mobile Volumetric Provers

Intricate’s custom built provers are designed with our clients in mind.

Meter Proving Services

 Intricate prides itself in leveraging technology, in-house regulatory knowledge, and field experience to design and operate meter proving equipment that is changing how meter proving is completed.

Our meter provers are 100% mobile and our best in class field technicians come to you.  We understand the importance of accuracy in meter proving and pride ourselves in our ability to provide only the highest level of meter proving with our custom software and custom master provers with the capability to prove any type of configuration.

Here are a few benefits of using our meter proving services:

  • Software that guarantees compliance and repeatability
  • Design reduces proving time by 20-30% compared to traditional methods
  • Increases safety, quality and lowers environmental impact
  • Fleet of inline and bench provers that are all 100 percent mobile (Mounted in our field trucks)
  • Water draw equipment to prove other provers
  • Enhances economic efficiency with our unique technology & smart software
  • Inline prover is designed to prove any type of configuration
  • Prove without any downtime, breaking process or ventin
  • All meter provers are Directive 17, BCOGC, ABSA compliant

Meter Calibration Services

Meters require precision, and our shop is equipped with the licensed and approved equipment necessary to verify and calibrate an assortment of meters and gauges to keep your production running. We offer both in-shop services or dispatched field units to best serve your measurement needs. These units are fully equipped with Certified Calibration equipment that is regularly serviced, inspected and tested.

meter proving

Reduce Proving time by 20-30%

Intricate is capable of proving any type of configuration, and can prove without any downtime, breaking process or venting.

Our Intricate Software guarantees compliance and repeatability. Designed to reduce proving time by 20-30% compared to traditional methods.

We use in-house water draw equipment (certified by Measurement Canada) to prove other provers and master meters. All equipment is Directive 017, BCOGC, ABSA & SMER compliant.

    Mobile Meter Proving Fleet

    Our meter provers are 100% mobile and meet all Western Canadian requirements. Our best in class field technicians come to you. 

    We utilized onboard PLC’s and automation to reduce human error in calculations, k-factors and reporting. 

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