Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR) Testing

We conduct performance tests, emissions checks and the reporting of the tests on stationary spark-ignition engines, while promoting a healthy and safe workplace and ensuring top performance and quality service.
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Experts on Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations and Guidelines

Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations Services

MSAPR Management Program Development

MSAPR Management Program Development

Fleet management, track and schedule performance tests and emission checks. Highlight problematic units that require retrofits.

MSAPR Engine Performance Testing

MSAPR Engine Performance Testing

Testing of engines used for compression, electric power generation and pumping in many industrial facilities.

MSAPR Compliance Emissions Checks

MSAPR Compliance Emission Checks

Quantify the  NOx intensity on a more frequent basis and extend the testing time between performance tests.

MSAPR Reporting Software

MSAPR Reporting & Scheduling Software

A central hub for all results in an easy to use software module. Submit all MSAPR data directly to Environment and Climate Change Canada.

MSAPR Compliance Services

The MultiSector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR) set air pollution emission standards across Canada for several industrial sectors. MSAPR limits the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted from gaseous fuel-fired non-utility boilers, heaters, and stationary spark-ignition gaseous fuel-fired engines. They also limit the amount of NOx and Sulphur dioxide emitted from cement kilns.

We offer the following multi-sector air pollutants regulations services:

  • Help with development of MSAPR Management Programs
  • Engine Performance Tests
  • Emissions Checks
  • Provide recommendations for combustion optimization
  • Pre-commission engine performance tests
  • Software solutions for MSAPR Reporting, Methane & Fugitive Emissions, FFV & Emissions Monitoring

MSAPR Emission Checks

 Provides additional testing frequency options which are more flexible when compared to performance testing requirements.

MSAPR Compliance Testing
MSAPR Testing

MSAPR Engine Performance Testing

Determines the NOx emission intensity and subsequent applicable compliance. MSAPR Regulations are highly dependent on the type of equipment, if you’re unsure about what checks and tests are required, please call (587) 760-1616.


MSAPR Reporting Software

MSAPR Analysis, Record Keeping, Scheduling & Annual Reporting

We are focused on creating innovative technology in Environmental Services and Emissions Monitoring to unlock move value for our clients by increasing efficiency and quality.

Intricate will work with your team to assess MSAPR testing and reporting requirements in respect to your operation and specific to your jurisdiction of operation.

Learn about MSAPR

Intricate has experience with regulations and guidelines when it comes to Canada’s controlling and reduction of nitrogen oxides and NOx emissions. Watch our video explanation on regulatory requirements

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