Liquid and Gas Sampling & Analysis Services

Generate quality data with Intricate's accurate sampling and analysis of oil and gas samples. Providing guidance throughout the analysis life cycle.
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Keep track of scheduled frequencies with ease and ensure compliance with government regulations

Full-Cycle Sampling & Analysis Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

Field Sampling

Intricate offers field sampling by trained industry professionals who are committed to quality & best practices

Lab Analysis

Intricate is partnered with the finest lab for data integrity and quick turnaround.


Intricate’s sampling can be customized to meet your needs, and capable of providing other services while on site.

Field Sampling & Analysis Services

Intricate is committed to providing quality sampling and analysis services and completed by members of our field services team who have experience in and understand measurement, process flow and production.

  • Sampling best practices
  • Optimizing sampling frequencies
  • Analysis methodologies
  • Gas and liquid sampling

  • Analysis of gas liquid samples

  • Analysis trending and validation
  • Use of analysis for volumetric reporting and product allocations

Oil & Gas Field Sampling Services

Sampling can be customized to meet your needs and will include safety, selecting the best possible sample point, sampling to ensure a representative sample and maintaining sample integrity. This will avoid re-sampling, ensure the sample is representative, ensure accurate results and reduce costs. 

We have trained field technicians stationed in through out Alberta and British Columbia, allowing us to deploy field technicians quickly to meet all sampling needs.

Lab Analysis Services

We are knowledgeable in all AER directives and work to maintain compliance while reducing sampling where applicable. We have partnered with an industry leading labratory for accurate analysis of oil and gas samples.

Intricate offers scheduling programs that keep track of scheduled frequencies and ensure you always remain compliant and your company needs are met. 

sampling for oil and gas

We’ve got you covered

Your trusted provider to meet all sampling needs.  Get the benefit of 14 years of equipment reliability, and oil and gas sampling and analysis experience.  Schedule in your routine analysis with Intricate and we’ll be able to identify and resolve problems at an early stage to mitigate unrecoverable downtime.

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