The oil and gas industry invests a huge amount in measurement systems for buying and selling liquids and gases. The energy that passes through these measurement systems is incredibly valuable and even the smallest measurement error can cost a company millions of dollars. It is vital to review these errors for each component of the measurement system. Precise measurement and regulatory reporting help to uphold compliance with all provincial requirements and regulations, maintain fairness in the marketplace, and produce higher quality products and services. 


Understanding accuracy and measurement uncertainty is crucial for good measurements. This is expressed in energy, volume, mass, volume at reference conditions, and money. Each province has its system of weight and measurement (EX: AER- Alberta Energy Regulator,) various laws have been passed to demonstrate fairness in society to preserve the country’s economic success. When offering products and services, it’s important that your client is paying for a service or product that has been measured accurately. Intricate’s measurement and regulatory services promise compliance with all regulations and requirements, as well as support stakeholders to guarantee that all measurement programs are completely integrated into their organization.

Quality Assurance

When providing any type of energy service or product, it’s essential that it’s being produced at the highest quality. Instruments like flow meters, temperature and pressure sensors, gas analyzers, and densitometers all have measurement errors, and the viscosity and density can affect measurements. Gas is compressible and its volume often changes in temperature and pressure, these changes must be carefully measured and reported to maintain the standard conditions. Oil density is vital to its overall value and worth, as lighter oils are easier to refine and produce than heavier oils. And the same concept goes for many other products and services within the energy sector.

Regulatory Compliance

Measurement and regulatory

Overall, measurement is a crucial factor in complying with regulations, ensuring your equipment and instruments are functioning properly, and that you maintain high-quality products. Measurement is a major key to the energy sector and the larger the transaction the larger the risk of losing money over the transferred energy.

Measurement Consulting Support Services by Intricate

For measurement and consulting support, consider an energy service company such as Intricate: offering a wide range of measurement and regulatory programs and support with compliance, accounting, technical metering, troubleshooting, and installation.

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