Turnarounds are essential to maintaining the overall success of oil and gas operations such as a plant or refinery. Turnarounds are important because they help a company become aware of potential threats, errors, and accidents and allow them to improve on these issues before they become serious.

A turnaround should be scheduled for every 3-5 years, and typically last for up to a few months. During this time, production must come to a complete stop so that tanks, vessels, and other equipment can be emptied, cleaned or repaired. Turnarounds are incredibly expensive and require copious amounts of careful planning in order to be successful.

Resolve Maintenance Issues

Turnarounds provide an opportunity for any issues with maintenance to be resolved. They cannot be fixed unless the operation is completely shut down. Turnarounds also allow for a thorough inspection of equipment, this wouldn’t be possible if the equipment was running or holding product. During these inspections, various issues may arise and the company can take action and repair anything that needs to be fixed for the operation to continue smoothly. Tanks, pipes, and other equipment may need to be replaced during a turnaround if substantial issues are found.


Once the plant operates after the turnaround it should be at peak performance levels. Harvest Oilfield Service and Intricate can provide field and plant maintenance for oil and gas production facilities so that you can minimize downtime and maximize profitability.

More Predictable Costs

Planned turnarounds are very costly, but unplanned shutdowns or outages are even more expensive. When a turnaround is strategically planned, the company can properly structure each phase of the plan to stay safe, on time, and on budget. When a shutdown or outage happens unexpectedly, it is usually because there is a shortage of supplies, the equipment has failed, or there has been an accident or some type of disaster. This causes the operation to come to a complete stop without having the support, they may not have budgeted for a turnaround and don’t always have the proper tools to execute a turnaround efficiently.

When a turnaround has been scheduled the company can budget for hiring contractors, renting or purchasing new equipment, going through inspection of what needs maintenance, and setting up a timeline and strategic plan of action. This will save them thousands compared to having to abruptly stop the operation of the facility in an unexpected situation.

Oil and gas turnarounds and shutdowns

Effective planning and execution of shutdowns and turnarounds are very important to maintain production levels and reduce the loss of revenue for the oil and gas industry. Turnarounds are very valuable to the overall operational structure of an oil and gas plant. Without scheduled turnarounds, multiple issues would build up and eventually negatively affect how the facility is run. 

Turnaround & Maintenance Services

For oil and gas turnarounds and maintenance, consider an energy service company such as Intricate and Harvest Oilfield Service: offering a wide range of turnaround and maintenance services such as Boilers and Steam Support, Facility Modifications, de-bottlenecking, and process improvement modifications, Pipeline Maintenance and Repairs, Electrical and Instrumentation Maintenance, and Commissioning and Start-up Support.

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