Meters are a major element in the oil and gas industry, and without accuracy, you are vulnerable to huge losses. Even the smallest meter error can result in a loss of millions of dollars per year. It’s important to be proactive in preventing inaccuracy by ensuring that your meters are properly calibrated by a meter proving service company such as Intricate.

What is Meter Proving?

Meter Proving is a standard physical test done on a meter to analyze its efficiency and the information that is collected during the proving test is used to modify the readings so that they show correct rates. Regular meter proving helps keep your operation running smoothly and brings future complications to the attention of the operators before severe financial, or technical damage has been done.

Intricate’s Meter Proving Technology

Intricate works hard to leverage innovative technologies, and with their expertise in design and operation of meter proving equipment, they have designed and developed a high-tech inline and bench meter prover that is 100% mobile. This removes the risk of human error giving you the assurance that your meters are displaying exact measurements.

Intricate meter proving services

You can find these meter proving benefits with Intricate’s Meter Proving services:

  • Reduce proving time by up to 30%
  • Prove any configuration type
  • Reduced risk of human error
  • Increased compliance & repeatability
  • Increased safety of work
  • Higher quality data through software / automation
  • Lower environmental impact
  • 100% ABSA, Directive 17 & BCOGC compliance

Intricate has a fleet of inline and bench provers that are built to reduce proving time by 20-30% compared to traditional methods. The inline prover is designed to prove any type of configuration and both provers are guaranteed to Increase safety, quality, and lower environmental impact. We use water draw equipment to prove other provers, and all equipment is Directive 17, BCOGC, ABSA compliant. Intricate also offers unique and smart software options that guarantee compliance, repeatability and enhances economic efficiency.

Work with us!

Intricate is committed to our clients and the hard-working businesses and individuals who work in the energy sector. Our meter proving services are industry leading, we promise accuracy, quality, and convenience with every service we offer.

Contact us at or 1-587-760-1616.

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